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Sheri Belle - Blue Bikini Rhinestone Malibu  One Piece - Black Blue-Beauty Sexy Swimsuit Emma One-Piece Swimsuit - Black Sheri's Dream Halter Top & Skimpy Bottom - Blue

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Personalized Fitness Training

Is coming up with food plan or fitness regimen too difficult or time consuming for you? Coming soon the Queens of Chic n' Poised will be offering personalized wellness programs, designed by top nutritionist, women fitness experts and trainers!

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Poised Excellence- For Change

The founder of Chic n' Poised first founded the Social Cause; Poised Excellence-For Change, LLC. This is the heart & soul of Chic n' Poised as this cause is to spread the education of fundamental Success Training to help women and young girls worldwide by raising confidence and body image in order to lower the rate of depression, drug addiction, and suicide.  Coming Soon is the Poised Excellence-For Change E-learning Course and Digital Magazine! To help aid in this fight you can donate to the cause now by clicking below or purchasing from Chic n' Poised where 70% of all proceeds go towards the Fight for Women! #womensupportingwomen #poisedexcellence #shematters #riseup #selfcare 

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Customized Affirmations

With the numerous daily trials that life provides us with, we must hear all of the positive affirmations for women to keep confidence up and continue feeling strong. Positive  affirmations give us fuel and drive us to keep running forward. Whether you want to become a more confident or more purposeful woman, positive affirmations are an excellent tool for fulfilling your goals. Assertions are among the most powerful tools for personal transformation and can help you in many areas of your life. And because they are incredibly useful, it is vital to choose the right affirmations to get your desired results. Knowing the importance of this Poised Excellence- For Change has teamed up with P.E. Designs to offer customized one of a kind affirmations that can be bought digitally or can be ordered as a print. Providing both Pre-made to made to order options!

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Such cute clothes and tons of other fun items! Plus the shipping is faster than expected and the customer service is top-notch!

The clothes are amazing and everything fits true to size! I’ve messaged Wendy a couple of times and she responded in a timely manner and she’s been so helpful.

Caitlynn S.

Wendy takes special care to ensure that you are satisfied with the product and goes the extra mile with her customer service. I bought an anniversary gift for my husband that wasn't working properly so I shipped it back to her to repair or replace. She repaired the watch and even sent back a couple additional items for the inconvenience and for my recent birthday. I'm a business owner myself so it's always reassuring to see other businesses who understand the importance of taking care of their customers and giving them more than they expect.

Samantha H.

The clothes are amazing and everything fits true to size!

I’ve messaged Wendy a couple of times and she responded in a timely manner and she’s been so helpful.

Natalie V.

About Us

We are a Women-Owned Business For Women!

We believe that what you put out into the world is what you get back. And that's not just about karma, but your fashion choices as well. If you show class, respect and a bit of chic sparkle, you will see the world smiling and sparkling back at you.  🥰

Our mission is to spread the word that, "Fashion Fades while Style is Eternal," and help women find and polish their own unique style. We are not about selling you on specific products; but a specific style. As long as you are putting your best foot forward and wear what makes you feel beautiful then you can refine your style with our products.

Show Etiquette, Class, Poise, Respect, & Chic Sparkle & Shine On, Queens!