7 Chic n' Poised Tips to Layering Necklaces

With a Huge Applause 👏 let us take a moment for the Return of Layering Necklaces Trend! When a style trend is this determined, it's time to call it classic. Don't worry; there is a method behind the madness!

Here at Chic n' Poised love, and believe this approach to styling is the possibility for proper representation of personal expression.

***Note this maybe because of our love for the 90's Chic style!***

Additionally, using various lengths in a dynamic mixture of sequences lets you show-off more of the pieces in your jewelry collection— Who doesn't love that?

Ok... Who is Ready to Learn the Top Chic n' Poised Tips to Layering Necklaces

1. Blend Deviating Styles-
Most of the fun in overlaying contrasting styles is being able to showcase your favorite style from classic to modern into a masterpiece; such as blending- Pearls, Opals or Pavé being worn with contemporary ornaments, for example, a palm tree or arrow pendants and geometric shapes including circles and triangles. Do not overlook your prospects for determining chains with different Pearls' weights and textures: a bar chain, beaded, briolette chain, roll chain, leather rope, snake chain, Venetian, and Byzantine chain. This technique is not just fashionable style-brillance; it also helps reduce matting and damaging tangling.
2. Merge Independent Lengths-
In order to properly achieve a graceful cascading effect that allows each piece to stand out on its own; you must. Time to grab a few favorites from your collection that are the same length, you can always add chain extenders. Start with a piece that falls close to the neck or even a relaxed chocker then continue to develop your style from there — starting at 30 cm or 11 inches to 100 cm or 40 inches long.
4. Examine the Type of Neckline of Your Top-
Take a look of the cut of your top as a frame for your necklaces. The neckline of your shirt and jewelry should harmonize, not clash. If you are wearing a high neckline, consider how the pattern or color of your clothing relates to your selection of jewelry. Style is not just the clothing you wear but the way you combine them with your jewelry like any flourishing relationship— they should appear in an all-embracing body; each one is complementing the other one.
5. Give Combing Odd-Number Sequences, a Try-
There's no deficiency of views on what establishes the "becoming" or "chic" number of necklaces to wear. Many stylists follow the "rule of three," while some insist it doesn't matter so long as it's an odd number. While playing with several layering experiments, we've discovered that combinations of three or five pieces are often the most pleasing, but conclusively it is the connection between shapes, styles and chain lengths is imperative when determining what molds best for you.
6. Do Your Own Experiments and Get Playful with Contrasting Metals Once upon a time, it was considered "shabby" to try and mix jewelry with clashing metal colors, but thankfully, that is no longer a steadfast rule of fashion. Exotic and intriguingly sensual looks have recently come from pairing different styles, with variations in cost, beads, metals, colors, stones, textures, and weight. As long as, the overall look at the end is pulled together aesthetically; then grab your brush because you are a blank canvas, and have permission to mix and match as you see fit.
7. Rules Were Made to Be Broken Notwithstanding all of the above mentioned, there are honestly no hard and fast laws when it comes to layering necklaces. The few that do exist are just starving get broke and caressed. Dancing is always ok, but if you are the type that still dances like no one is watching (no matter where they are) then, our absolute top suggestion for trifling with such a make or break type of playground in fashion is taking a few selfies of the whole look top to bottom. This will give you fresh eyes and desire to refine the subtle details until you have a killer look down.
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