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How-To Dress for Success in Today's World!

by Wendy Campbell

Key=Dress for Success

Know Your Audience

Ever since the beginning of the dot*com Kraze, making sure you are dressed for success for work-life has become a little more carefree and informal in several fields. Where others remain highly conservative. Dress to reflect your job. If you are in fashion, you better be fashionable. Before you go out and splurge on a new wardrobe, carefully consider your company's dress code policy and whether it is casual, conservative, stylish or young and fresh. At the same time, it's essential to be versatile. For instance, here at Chic n' Poised; I may have a meeting with a buyer or vendor and most cases, everyone is dressed casually; then the next day I may have a meeting with a potential investor (they also may dress casually) However, dress for the job or outcome you want; not what you have. Stand apart from the rest by bringing your best. Always dress appropriately for your audience for the day.

You can look casual and chicly poised!

Below are some of my favorite Casual Chic Clothing!

      Piping Polka Dots Blouse
Rock n' Polka Dot Wide Leg Pants


Have a Method to Your Madness

Keep all of your Professionally Poised attire in a delegated place in your closet. Not only will you save time in the getting ready scramble of seeking that perfect outfit to wear, but there will be no question in your mind as to whether or not the clothing is appropriate. By the same indication, designate closet space for outfits that are casual like shorts, jeans, flip flops, your favorite Tees, mini skirts, and fitness gear.


Be Suited Suitably

No matter the organization, use your discernment and be proper. For women, less is more. Sidestep anything too low-cut, too formfitting (tailor-fit is good), or too short. Remember the fingertip rule from your school days? It is a good rule of thumb to remember. If you would wear it to a club on Saturday night or hot date or to the beach, don't wear it to work or any professional setting, even if you add a scarf to it.

My go-to Professionally Poised look is a modern twist on Power Suit!

Below are my two favorite Chic n' Poised ~ Power Jumpsuits!

 Julia's Power Jumpsuit

Power Play Jumpsuit

Strategically Shopping

Professional Poised attire is not something any young professional should sacrifice. First impressions are EVERYTHING! The tone of your clothing represents you more than you know! And sometimes, "You Need to Fake it till You Make it." A good investment in a few key pieces that will stand the test of time and are easy to mix and match is always worth the price. Spend more on things like shoes, purses, and belts.


Age Appropriate Dressing

I observe many young professionals make one of two big mistakes: they dress too young (in too tight or revealing clothing for the ladies, or sloppy) the messy bun can be done stylishly. Or they dress too old for their age attempting to make themselves seem more "mature." Dress your age! Let your intelligence reflect your wisdom and sophistication, let your attire back up your words!


Be Light Handed on Makeup and Perfume

Keep the smokey eye and heavy makeup for the charity gala or painting the town red on a night out on the town. The same can be said for perfume -- choose a lighter and more day-appropriate scent, don't overdo it, people get overwhelmed by scents easily and are something that will be remembered. Scent memory is a real thing. So smell pretty and lightly so. Just because you're so used to it that you can't sense the strength on yourself doesn't mean everyone else can't. A great tip for this is an oldie but goodie! It's called the Spritz and Twirl | Spritz your perfume 2 ft away from you and then simply walk or twirl into it, this way it lands on all of the perfect points and you are not saturated.


Devils in the Details

Maintain a well-groomed, clean, clipped, or professionally done nails to complete your professional appearance. Please do not go over-board and get the 80's-90's claw nails, this is not stylish and attracts peoples focus to your wild-looking hands instead of the essential aspects they need to be concentrated on. For most situations, keep your shoes fresh, and your feet clean and polished. As dirty shoes, stinky feet and filthy toes can throw off an otherwise flawless look.


Never Underestimate the Power of the Subtle & Perfectly Worn Jewelry!

Here are some of my personal favorites~

 Mood Swing

Womage Watch

Hygiene is Key

Conclusively, no matter how informal your apparel is, make sure they are ironed or steamed to be wrinkle-free. It is customarily a bright idea to keep an extra set of jewelry, shoes, a shirt, pants and a cardigan in the office or your car in case you spill or rip something, or if a last-minute meeting comes up with Mr. or Ms. Big Oppurtunity!

 Never Forget; Age, Race, Size, Economic Status or Even Mood is not what determines your beauty! As long as, you wear what makes you feel beautiful and worn in a Chic, Classy and Poised Manner you are a Queen! So Shine On! And don't forget to Sparkle!

Twirl of Grace

Comment your Favorite Professionally Poised Styles & any advice you would like to share with the community!


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