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About Us

We are a Women-Owned Business & Social Cause for Women!

Our mission is to remind Women Globally- That what you put out in the world is what you get back. Be Chic, Show Class, Have Poise, Give Respect, Show Compassion, Love All, & Always add a Dash of Sparkle! 

We believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and try our best to live up to being Proverbs 31 & Titus 2 women! 

Proverbs 31 woman poised excellence for change

We stand firm that dressing for success raises confidence and self esteem! Women who have a healthy self love and confidence radiates with joy. Having this demeanor helps lower the rates of depression, drug addiction and suicide! 

We don't sell just fashion apparel, we are selling a sense of lifestyle! This lifestyle is having grace, compassion,  being chic, having poise and keeping it classy!

Chic n' Poised Style Boutique is a Poised Excellence- For Change LLC owned business. The purpose behind Chic n' Poised is two-fold!

1- To give women world-wide access to fashion and fashion accessories and more to build a Dress for Success lifestyle at reasonable prices and an interest free payment plan option so that every woman can afford to shine like the Queen they are with class, chicness and poise!

2- The majority of proceeds go to help fund the social cause Poised Excellence- For Change that was founded by Wendy Campbell to spread her vision to spread the word and educate women and young girls globally the fundamental lessons they need to acquire to build confidence and success training.

IE. Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills, Effective Communication, how to have poise, compassion and how to put their best foot forward and more!

Studies have shown that acquiring this knowledge and learning how to apply it to lives not only aides them in leading a successful life both personally and professionally but it also decreases the statistics in the global epidemics such as major depression, suicide and drug/alcohol addiction! 

If you would like to donate to the cause you can do so below. Poised Excellence- For Change LLC Logo